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Barchetta Red by DARIO

Barchetta Red by DARIO

Postprzez Dari0c » 07-kwi-2013 17:22

Hello from Italy and Registro Fiat barchetta /Club Nazionale Fiat Barchetta :-)

This is my barchetta!!!!


- Air conditioning

- Light Silver mod. My2003/Naxos

- Roll-bar chrome with transparent WindStop

- Steering wheel and gear lever knob in leather Beige Limited Edition series

- Alloy wheels OZ Canova model 16 "

- Tires 205/45 R16 Goodyear Eagle F1

- Shock absorbers KONI YELLOW Ant. + Post. (adjustable)

- H & R Springs -25/30mm

- Spacers Ant. 12mm and Post. 16mm (painted color BLACK)

- Brake discs Tarox model JAPAN + + Cover Pliers Red Steel braided brake lines Ged-On

- Front all Fiat Logo Red / Removed rear Fiat Logo

- Rings Chrome dashboard

- Central Console Color Dark Grey

- Red Key

- Car 7 "LCD - Navigator - TV - Bluetooth - USB - SD - TouchScreen - Video input / audio

- Alarm / Shutdown Centralize with Hyper-frequency sensor (sensor suitable for auto Spider, when they are without hood) Gemini antitheft alarm (including up windows and remote closing doors)

- Power door mirror

- Fog

- Discharge CECAM CTSS 4 outputs with stainless steel silencer 100% - double round exit left and right 70mm "staggered"

- Xenon Xenon 4300Kelvin

- Start Engine Start Button by

- Seats / Rests elbows Leather Beige Limited Edition

- Mats with Logo Barchetta

- HardTop Matt Black

- Capote Black Fabric Sonnenland

- Front spoiler Naxos all Red

Re: Barchetta Red by DARIO

Postprzez The_Saint » 07-kwi-2013 17:44

Nice car :brawo

Could you please give a little more details about upgraded front brakes? I see there interesting calipers.
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Re: Barchetta Red by DARIO

Postprzez Dari0c » 07-kwi-2013 18:17

Are COVER ;-)


Similar to these: ... 0746452753

if you want to mount the real brake calipers you can fit those of the Fiat Coupe (brembo): ... 20&bih=989

Re: Barchetta Red by DARIO

Postprzez elvis » 11-kwi-2013 13:52

You have a very nice alloy wheels

really amazing :brawo
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